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About reflights

We want to empower passengers to solve their incidents, and why not, help them from wasting time in unfruitful negotiations with the airline, and the feeling of regret for not claiming better. 


We're here to help:

Behind every great idea is a team dedicated to making it happen.

Our best asset is our team. We work together to deliver the best solution for our customers.

We exist for you. Make our new team your best asset.

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Presence on 2 continents


 4.7 out of 5 


Fee based on efficiency


# 1 design with the client

Reflights is a platform created by travelers, for travelers from all over the world.


We are born from a real problem, the airlines affect millions of passengers every year with delays, cancellations, or denied boarding flights and although we as passengers have the right to compensation for the many flights, most are never paid due to complicated claims processes or airlines denying the compensation right.

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Our 3 Pillars

1. Legal knowledge to have the necessary arguments for your defense as well as national organizations and resolution entities.


2. The technological and user experience design to offer you the easiest and most attractive solution to get you compensation.


3. The transparency and security that we can show you through information and the personalized attention of our experts.


The experience of our founding team has been achieved through a broad trajectory in ventures with a focus on travel, finance, and technology and on the acquired experience of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Values

These values fundamentally describe who we are and what defines us as a team.

These values are what define our way of working and shaping the culture of reflights.

reflights <> ¿Quienes somos?
reflights <> ¿Quienes somos?
reflights <> ¿Quienes somos?

Transparency in what we do.

Care to detail

Always looking to improve and innovate.

reflights <> ¿Quienes somos?

Team work

reflights <> ¿Quienes somos?

Positive customer experience.

Trusted by many passengers

reflights has earned 4.7 stars in TrustScore and is also top-noticed by Expansion, TecReview, and RTVE among others.

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