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About reflights

Reflights is a platform created by travelers, for travelers from all over the world.


We are born from a real problem, the airlines affect millions of passengers every year with delays, cancellations or over selling flights and although we have rights to receive economic compensation for the affected flights, these have complicated the claim process taking advantage of little or no knowledge that we have of our indemnification rights that only a small percentage claim these rights.


That is why reflights emerged, as a solution focused on defending your rights and getting what is rightfully yours, that is how we base ourselves on 3 fundamental pillars:


1. Legal knowledge to have the necessary arguments for your defense as well as national organizations and resolution entities.


2. The technological and user experience design to offer you the easiest and most attractive solution to get you compensation.


3. The transparency and security that we can show you through information and the personalized attention of our experts.


The experience of our founding team has been achieved through a broad trajectory in ventures with a focus on the defense of travelers, finance and technology and on the acquired experience of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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