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EC 261/2004 claims for delays, cancellations, and overbooking.

  • Success rate above 90% in CE261 claims for more than 30 airlines around the world

  • No gain-no fee. If we don't succeed then we don't earn a penny

  • 100% online with a super friendly form valid for most airlines and/or flight authorities

  • We'll provide the airline's actual claim reference number for full transparency

  • Safe and secure as we use a form served across protected 256 bit SSL connection

Compensation fee

20% + VAT



Recover money from the airline without pain.

  • Fight ticket refunds or claim airline voucher or certificate without the airline's hustle​

  • Obtain refunds and vouchers from past or future from cancelled flights

  • Engagement with airline's high-level executives and use of our legal expertise

  • Safe and secure as we use a form served across protected 256 bit SSL connection

  • Service guarantee. If we don't succeed in getting either a refund or coupon then we only charge the advisory fees

Cost per Case



 Resolve all of your flight-related questions, doubts, or flight issues with a Flight Specialist 

  • Tailor-made review and response about your flight-related question

  • Identify areas of opportunity to find an outside-the-box solution​​

€0 (FREE)

Cost per case

  • Smart & friendly customer service by our Flight Specialists

  • We resolve doubts related to the impact of flights due to COVID-19​​



* Accepted Payment Method

Displayed prices are for every case reference. Reflights fee is obtained directly from the compensation and is based on success, meaning only when compensation is received. VAT =  3% (includes taxes and fees). *Selecting a solution doesn't guarantee the applicability of that service.

Service Guarantee


  Simple. If you are not satisfied with our service, we'll refund your money*  


What you'll get

By selecting one of our services, you'll witness the power of fightback and all its capabilities


Personalized, direct, and caring customer service


Best-in-class smart claim form for easy case submission


Flight industry expertise and claim process experience


24 hour response time guarantee to guide you in every step


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The all-in-one claim company trying to shape the airline industry. Driven with continuous innovation and love for customer care


Zero risk

No bullsh*t

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