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Recover money or airline credit stress-less.

Ticket Refunds &

Airline vouchers

without hustle

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What's the Flight Broker service?

With the Flight Broker Service, we will manage all the processes required to obtain, depending on your case, a refund or airline voucher.

Let our flight experts do the work for you and avoid the pain and time waste of dealing with the airline's spin around and bureaucracy.


Personal flight broker,  

only a few clicks away

Our Flight Broker service will be managed by our flight claim specialists and customer success experts to guide you all the way


Personalize your issue

Select the "other issue/request" option and write down your request. It could be filing for a refund, voucher, or airline credit. A flight specialist will review the information and start analyzing your case.

Smart form, fast checkout

We're proud to be creators of a smart claim engine capable of identifying your incident, the airline's requirements, and a way to make it easier for you to start reclaiming.


Passenger rights assessment

We'll send you a free flight assessment in a pdf file if you prefer to ask for a refund or voucher on your own. We want you to choose what's best for you without any commitment.