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Receive your compensation without any payment upfront.

Enter your flight information and claim in minutes without any financial risk. We will ask the airline to pay our fee from your compensation.

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Compensation claims for flight delays, cancellations & overbooking.

Success rate above 90% in most applicable claims.

No gain-no fee. 


Fee-based on efficiency.

100% online and fast.

We'll provide the airline's claim reference on request.

Safe and secure as we use a form served across a protected 256-bit SSL connection.

reflights fee:

taken from the compensation, it includes taxes.


if win takes less than 2 months.


if win takes more than 2 months.

Fee is obtained directly from the compensation paid by the airline, if the airline pays directly to the passenger we will ask to transfer our fees. Starting a claim doesn't guarantee the applicability of the compensation.

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