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As we currently know, the activity of airlines in the world has been seriously affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic; thousands of flights were canceled and the number of destinations has been limited according to the restrictions of each country. However, little by little it will be necessary to return to routine, air travel will be helped again and the need to reactivate this sector will have to entail care in health security measures. That is why the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) together with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have published a "Protocol on Aviation Health Safety", in which the measures are specified necessary to ensure the safety of both commercial aircraft passengers and flight personnel, once air operations are resumed. In this blog we will tell you what those measures are and how they should be applied to ensure everyone's health when traveling:

In the airport

  • As a general principle, the mandatory use of masks from arrival at the airport, during the flight and upon arrival at the destination is highlighted.

  • Both aircraft operators and airport operators must cooperate to ensure that physical distancing is respected, especially during check-in, security control, pre-boarding and during boarding.

  • Use of sanitizing gel and hand washing followed, as well as the etiquette sneeze.

  • Another important point is that only people who travel will be able to access the airport, (we must forget for a while the motivating farewells); our companions will only be able to access in specific cases.

  • All airports must have a temperature scanner.

And what about the services inside the plane?

  • It is planned to reduce food on board, avoid lines in the corridors for toilets and reserve an exclusive toilet for the crew.

  • It must be ensured that the filtered air in airplanes is cleaner and safer, even than that breathed on the ground due to the filters used.

Passengers must also agree to follow certain rules

  • They will be asked to provide contact information, this in order to help locate if someone on a particular flight tests positive for COVID-19.

  • Responsibility and empathy on the part of passengers is also expected, if they have any of the compatible symptoms (fever, cough, sudden loss of smell, difficulty breathing) or that they know they have been in contact with a case of COVID-19, they should not go to the airport! , they must postpone their trip to protect their fellow travelers.

What are the measures that airlines have started to take?

Most of the airlines that we will talk about below, highlight the maximum attention to cleanliness inside their planes, as well as the use of protective equipment by all their personnel.

  • Iberia: the airline highlights having an advanced ventilation system, "equivalent to the quality of an operating room" to ensure the hygiene of the air inside the cabin. All on-board sales, magazines and catalogs will also be eliminated, as they are possible sources of infection.

  • Lufthansa: very similar measures are followed on taking care of the distance between passengers, even highlighting that they have optimized their check-in process so that interaction and waiting time is minimal. Through your online site, you will maintain flexibility in terms of flight changes.

  • Air Europa: emphasizes monitoring on its website, to abide by the necessary protocols established by AESA; It highlights that the separation between passengers on board will be possible, as long as the occupation of the flight allows it. Like Lufthansa, a flexibility for flight changes online.

  • Easyjet: the airline also highlights the use of better air conditioning on its flights (the HEPA filter); as well as the handling of special machines, so that you can check in on your own.

As we can see, air travel as we knew it will not be the same; fortunately it seems that the necessary measures are being taken care to the health of the passengers. However, we must see how travel evolves, because according to the CNN portal, people will probably choose the first months to go to places closer and with privacy, to avoid crowds.

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