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After a nice vacation or a business flight, the last thing we want is to arrive at the airport and waiting on the sidelines, our luggage are damaged ... or worse, lost!

According data from the International Aeronautical Telecommunications Society (SITA) in 2018, more than 4 billion suitcases were transported around the world, of which 24.8 million suffered from some improper handling (delay, abuse or loss).

At each airport there are offices to report baggage damage and each airline must have its own; however, each responds differently, for example they can replace the suitcase with a counterpart or by providing certain pieces.

This is an important problem, "the Achilles heel of the airlines", which are responding with new technological strategies to avoid these inconveniences, by the way, there are not enough.

Flight back presents you with certain tips to avoid going through an experience like this or, if it is the case, file a complaint with more evidence in front of the airlines:

Keep vouchers

Being cautious is always advantageous, so it is important that as soon as we document our luggage, we keep the passwords for the suitcases . The numbers allow them to be traced or to know where it was last scanned. Also identify it with your name and certain personal data such as telephone number, both inside and outside the suitcase.

If the external information card is lost, when they open it they will have a reference to the owner.

Some even recommend taking photos or your luggage or with them, as a future proof if it is needed. As an extra piece of information, there are people who put ribbons or certain accessories (which are resistant and not very ostentatious) to identify them more easily. Prints or stickers to sew on fabric can also be a fun and original way to decorate your luggage.

Report that your luggage is missing

If, as we wrote before, your suitcase never appears on the band, the best thing you can do is report it immediately to your airline agents. Never leave the airport without making a written report, stating that your suitcase is delayed; It is important that you have a role to support you while they find out if she will arrive on the next flight or if she is lost.

Know your airline's policies

We know that many times for the excitement of the trip or for wanting to get the cheapest flights, we put aside reading the legal issue of airlines. But it is always important that before buying a flight you know its policies, in this case for example, loss of luggage or delay. This will make it easier to demand your rights as a passenger in these annoying situations.

Finally, my suitcase did not appear... What can I do?

Each airline has a certain time to confirm that your suitcase is lost, for example, some handle from 24 hours to 8 days. Faced with this, they will ask you to file a formal complaint, where you will write personal information, flight number, what your suitcase was like and its content in detail.

These processes are generally very time consuming and can take weeks to months to get a response. At the end of the search, if they did not find your bags, they should evaluate your case and offer you a remuneration, which is not always as fair as we would like.

That is why if you think you suffered or suffer from a lack of transparency, information or the fair application of your rights in these cases, add your case to our website Flight back or contact to advise you on this process.

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