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Increased chance of successful claims.

Plus, get access to exclusive discounts on travel.

$13.95 / per file+

+30% success rate





All Basic Features 

Follow-up with the airline decision-makers in case of denial​

Enhanced customer support advocating on your behalf for fair compensation. Learn more

50% discount for claims with 2 different booking references

+ reflights is only entitled to the success rate after the compensation is paid. 

Get more with our top-tier service

Enjoy all benefits, including the lowest fee based on time efficiency. Plus, enjoy free claims for future flights booked within the next 3 months.

$19.95 / per file+

30%              20% success rate





All Regular Features

Assigned fight expert

Lowest fee if a successful claim takes more than 2 months ​

Free claims for future flights booked within the next 3 months

+ reflights is only entitled to the success rate after the compensation is paid. 

As airlines regularly refuse to pay compensation, it is your right to expect them to prove their narrative. Avoid the time-consuming & stressful process of engaging with the airline to claim your air passenger rights.

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How it Works

Complete claim


  • Get your Boarding Pass ready, make sure that it includes your name, flight number & booking reference.

  • Authorize reflights to file your claim on your behalf.

  • Submit your flight claim.

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how it works
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  • reflights vs lawyers vs claiming by yourself
    Here's a table comparison showcasing the benefits of using reflights compared to hiring lawyers or claiming by yourself:
  • Service comparison
  • Why should I choose reflights?
    Reflights offers several compelling reasons to choose their services. Firstly, filing a claim with Reflights is a straightforward process facilitated by step-by-step instructions and a streamlined online claim form. While claiming by yourself will keep you 100% of your compensation, complications can arise. Having Reflights by your side can be immensely beneficial in navigating these challenges. One significant advantage of using Reflights is our expertise in dealing with airlines notorious for making claims challenging, unresponsive & time-consuming for passengers to obtain their rightful compensation. With in-depth knowledge of aviation regulations and industry practices, Reflights is well-equipped to advocate for your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. "Choose Reflights: Simplify claims, overcome obstacles, and increase compensation chances." Check my flight rights
  • What does reflights do?
    Reflights specializes in utilizing a custom global flight disruptions database to validate claims. Our efficient approach involves electronically generating and submitting claims, ensuring a smooth and expedited process for their clients. By leveraging technology and data, Reflights streamlines the claim process, aiming to make it as seamless and efficient as possible.
  • Is reflights a member of stripe climate?
    Yes, Reflights is part of Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal. Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change, but the technology is currently lagging behind. A fraction of every purchase from Reflights helps new carbon removal technologies scale.
  • Am I entitled to compensation?
    If you have recently encountered a flight that was delayed, canceled, or overbooked, you might qualify for compensation. Reflights can help you identify your rights for Canada's, EU & UK Air Passenger Rights. Check Compensation.
  • How long it will take to see results?
    Depending on how complex is your case, your claim can take up to 45 days to get a final resolution by the airline. If the airline denies the claim and your case is filed to the CTA (Transportation agency), they will take up to 12 months to provide a resolution.
  • Why does it takes so long to get compensation?
    We strive to expedite the claim process as much as we can. However, it is important to note that obtaining your rightful compensation may sometimes take longer than expected. Several external factors, including airline response times, a large number of claims, and interactions with aviation authorities, can contribute to delays. While we exert our utmost efforts to encourage prompt responses, these factors are often outside our control. We kindly request your patience and assure you that we are diligently working towards securing your compensation.
  • When is a flight incident considered complex?
    If we consider your incident complex it is due to one or several of the following reasons:​ ​ The airline of your incident is usually not responsive to compensation claims which means that there's a good chance that we will have to file to the applicable Transportation Agency. ​The cause of your incident is considered complex or outside the applicable "situations under the airline's control" according to Canada's & EU Air Passenger Rights Regulations. ​The total delay of your itinerary was shorter than 3 hours or you receive the cancellation notice with more than 14 days in advance. Complex itineraries cannot be served under the Basic service.
  • What if I have already opened a process with the airline?
    Creating a duplicate claim with the airline can lead to conflicting information, confusion, delays, and may even impede the efficient handling of your case. It is recommended that if you choose to entrust us with your claim, you inform the airline that reflights will serve as the main point of contact throughout the entire claims process. However, if your initial claim has already been denied by the airline, in such cases, we can assist you with our PRO solutions to pursue your case further.
  • Our Success Fee:
    At Reflights, we're committed to transparency. Understanding how our pricing works is essential for you to make an informed decision about which service tier suits you best. Here is a simplified example to help you understand how our pricing works for each service tier, considering a claim for two passengers (👨‍🦳+👩) with a total compensation from the airline of $800 CAD: Please note, the success fee is the reward that Reflights earns for successfully securing your compensation. It is a crucial part of our service's sustainability, allowing us to continuously fight for your rights as a passenger. The final compensation is what you receive after all fees are deducted. The service fee for the "Regular" and "Pro" tiers is not included in the final compensation calculation as it's an upfront cost.
  • -No win, no success fee- guarantee
    At Reflights, we offer three service tier options, all based on our 'no win, no success fee' principle. This means that if we are unable to secure your compensation, you will not be charged a success fee, regardless of the effort we put into your claim. We are fully committed to achieving results for our clients. To access our Regular and Pro services, we require an upfront processing payment. This payment helps cover the operational costs involved in processing and managing your claim efficiently.
  • What happens when the airline pays me directly?
    When the airline pays you directly, Reflights will request you to transfer our service fee. To ensure a seamless process, we advise you to have funds readily available to cover our success rate. By promptly transferring the service fee to Reflights, you uphold your commitment and enable us to continue providing our top-quality services. This fee represents the value we bring through our expertise, efforts, and dedication in handling your claim. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in promptly settling the service fee, as it allows us to sustain our operations and assist other passengers in their flight compensation cases.
  • What is the risk?
    None. We fight for extra money; if we can't succeed in your claim as the airlines have the right to defend and can legally have arguments that exempt it from the payment we won't ask you for any compensation fee.
  • What happens when the compensation is a travel voucher, coupon or refund?
    When you receive compensation in the form of travel vouchers, coupons, or refunds, Reflights applies a success rate of 10% of the entitled compensation. This fee ensures that we can continue offering our services and assisting you in your flight compensation matters. By charging a modest percentage, we strive to maintain fairness and transparency in our fee structure. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work together to navigate the complexities of the compensation process.
  • Flight compensation amount guarantee?
    reflights ensures that customers receive the accurate amount of compensation they are entitled to. If customers file a claim under the APPR, they will be guaranteed the correct amount in Canadian dollars (CAD). If customers file a claim under other Air Passenger Rights Regulations, they will receive the correct amount in the currency applicable to their case. This approach ensures transparency for customers regarding the compensation they receive, allowing them to verify that reflights has transferred the correct amount in compliance with either the APPR or the relevant Air Passenger Rights Regulation.
  • Value added tax (GST)
    Unless stated otherwise, all fees and charges listed in this Price List already include the applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Get the most out of your flight incident.

We’re here for one simple reason: to get you back every cent that you’re owed as established by the APPR & EC261 Rules. 

Peace of Mind

Have one of our experts beside you from the moment you file your claim, helping you through the process.

Free Second Look

If the airline denies the claim we’ll sent it to the Transportation Agency to review the case. And we’ll do it for free.


If your incident falls outside the APPR & EC261 compensation rights, we'll still reach out the airline & try to get a voucher.

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Claim safely, 100% online, without paperwork or hassle. Your data is protected.

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