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About reflights

Reflights is an air passenger rights advocate for travellers from all over the world.

Reflights mission extends beyond passenger assistance; it's about growth, innovation, and giving back to the industry.


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Our Miles Travelled

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A team effort

More than any other thing, our best asset is the people, not only reflights but you along with us. We work together with the passengers to deliver the best solution.

We exist for you. Make reflights your best asset.

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Understanding Your Journey &
Our Commitment 


Passenger Rights Awareness


Post incident, passengers may or may not be informed about their compensation rights and decide whether to file a claim.

Our Commitment

Reflights provides fast and clear information on passenger rights, offering trust as a reliable advocate so you can have confidence in the airline’s decisions, even if the claim is denied.


Claim Handling


Passengers decide to submit their claim. The airline then reviews the claim, verifies the details, and responds with their decision.

Our Commitment

At this stage, Reflights streamlines the claims process eliminating the need to grapple with hard-to-find details, ensuring a more efficient and user- friendly experience.


Passenger Decision (Trust, Let Pass, or Escalate)

If the claim is denied, the air passenger has options. They can trust the airline’s decision, let it pass, or decide to escalate the claim. Escalation can be done directly or with Reflights’ help.


Traveller Advocacy

Should the air passenger decide to escalate, they can approach the CTA or the local Aviation Authority with an air travel complaint.

Our Commitment

At this stage, Reflights is committed to provide data & filing the complaint to the applicable Aviation Authority supporting you as your passenger’s Representative.

We're here to help

A message from Guillermo - Founder of reflights

I want to express my appreciation for the Air Passenger Protection Regulations and the continuous enhancement of consumer rights for air travellers.

I'm deeply committed to actively improving reflights every day, with my core values, Family and Resilience, as guiding principles that extend far beyond the realm of business.

Reflights purpose is to strive for a better solution that benefits everyone in the industry. 

🌳  Want to help?

Reflights is committed to pushing for a straightforward application of passenger rights. In addition, as airlines contribute to global CO₂, emissions, your contribution will help fight climate change. We're proud to fund next-generation carbon removal. Join our team.

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