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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement:

a. This website is owned and operated by REFLIGHT. By using this site, you signify your agreement to these terms of service. If you do not agree, please do not use this website. Contact us with any questions.

b. These Terms & Conditions (T&C) govern your use of the REFLIGHTS platform, which provides flight claim management services.

c. No separate contract text is provided. The content of the contract between you and REFLIGHTS is outlined in these T&C and the information provided during registration.

d. By registering or using our services, you accept these T&C.

e. REFLIGHTS may modify these T&C as needed. Changes will be communicated at least two weeks in advance.

f. If you do not object to changes within four weeks of their effective date, they will be deemed accepted.

g. Objecting to changes may lead to contract termination and account deletion.

h. By accepting our T&C and signing the Assignment Form, you authorize REFLIGHTS to manage your personal and flight information and to share necessary documents with airlines or third parties.


2. Service Agreements:

a. Upon accepting these terms, REFLIGHTS agrees to provide eligibility and information services.

b. We will pursue flight compensation claims under APPR & EC261 Rules unless we notify you of our inability to provide this service.

c. By entering into an agreement with REFLIGHTS, you confirm your legal capacity to do so.

d. REFLIGHTS seeks monetary compensation for flight disruptions and may accept travel vouchers or other benefits if monetary compensation is not applicable.

e. You guarantee the claim has not been assigned to third parties and no legal dispute exists over the same matter with the airline.

f. Once the rights transfer form or authorization document is signed, you cannot engage third parties for the claim. REFLIGHTS holds the right to the claim.

g. If you receive direct compensation from the airline after our agreement, you must inform REFLIGHTS immediately.

h. Upon signing the rights transfer form or authorization document, you must direct any airline correspondence to REFLIGHTS.

i. REFLIGHTS will issue an invoice for our success fee once the airline confirms that compensation has been sent to the air passenger. If such confirmation is received, the passenger is obliged to settle the invoice as per the success fee calculation agreed upon.


3. Legal:

a. Completing the claim form grants us a representation agreement. A signed Power of Attorney (POA) may be required by the airline or national enforcement body.

b. Legal action will not be taken. We base claims on applicable regulations or airline terms to seek flight compensation.


4. Fees and Payment Process:

a. Our Flight Check service is free. For Enhanced Claim services, we charge a management fee plus applicable taxes, as detailed in our Pricing section.

b. Upon successful compensation, there are two scenarios for fee collection:

i. Direct Compensation to Passenger: If the airline compensates the passenger directly, REFLIGHTS will issue an invoice for our success fee, inclusive of taxes, as detailed in our Pricing section. The passenger agrees to pay this invoice within 14 days from the date of issue to avoid additional monthly carrying charges.

ii. Compensation via REFLIGHTS: If the compensation is processed through REFLIGHTS, we will deduct our success fee, including applicable taxes, and transfer the remaining balance to you. This deduction will be detailed in an itemized statement provided to the passenger.

c. Payments to REFLIGHTS can be made via Stripe, International Transfer, PayPal, or Interac, as per the instructions provided in the invoice or statement.

d. Failure to settle the success fee invoice or claim the transferred compensation within 30 days of our notification will result in a monthly carrying charge of 1% being applied to the outstanding amount.

e. It is the passenger's responsibility to provide accurate payment information. REFLIGHTS is not liable for any compensation that is lost or incorrectly transferred due to incorrect payment details provided by the passenger.


5. Data Protection:

a. We use your data mainly for providing services and for administrative, security, and internal purposes, in compliance with data protection laws.

b. You consent to the processing and transfer of your personal data as per these T&C.

c. REFLIGHTS may transfer data to third parties under specific conditions.


6. Data & Customer Information:

a. You must provide necessary data for agreement execution. You guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this data.

b. You indemnify REFLIGHTS against all third-party claims resulting from inaccurate or fraudulent data.

c. Fraudulent behavior may lead to immediate agreement termination without compensation.


7. Right to Withdraw:

a. You may withdraw from the agreement within 7 days unless compensation has been accepted by the airline.

b. Withdrawal requests should be communicated clearly within the specified period to

8. Final Provisions:

a. REFLIGHTS may modify these T&C and the price list at any time.

b. Invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions do not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

c. REFLIGHTS may transfer rights and obligations related to any claim.

d. In case of language discrepancies, the Spanish version prevails.

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