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File a Claim for Cancelled Flight Compensation.

Many air travellers don't realize they can get up to $1000 CAD in compensation for flight cancellations in addition to any travel insurance. Don't miss out on your rights!


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European Commission

Montreal Convention

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Know Your Rights: Delays, Cancellations, Overbookings, Lost Baggage
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Flight Cancellations

Flight cancellations cause serious trouble and inconvenience to passengers, this is why there are Regulations that were created to provide basic protection for passengers.

In case of a flight disruption - including cancellations - airlines are obligated to keep passengers regularly informed. You will receive the reason for the disruption as soon as feasible via:

  • An audible announcement

  • A visible announcement (upon request)

  • The communication method of your choice (e.g., email, SMS)


Your Rights in Case of Flight Cancellations

If your flight is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the departure date, you're entitled to either:


  • A ticket reimbursement

  • Re-routing under satisfactory conditions


Additionally, you'll be adequately cared for while waiting for a later flight. However, under the Montreal Convention, these obligations may be limited or waived in extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided, even with all reasonable measures taken.

Compensations for Flight Cancelled

All passengers have also the right to compensation by the operating air carrier if they arrived more than 3 hours before their final destination and the cause is not extraordinary.

EU & UK flight cancelled rights

If you travelled on a European airline or left the European Union or the UK on any foreign airline and your cancellation was with less than 14 days before departure, you may be entitled to financial compensation if the incident is not considered extraordinary.

+ 3,500 km
€ 600
1,500 - 3,500 km
€ 400
-1,500 km
€ 250

Canadian flight cancellation rights

In the case of a cancelled flight within Canada or flying to Canada, the carrier must provide compensation in most cases if the airline notified the passenger less than 14 days before the original departure date and the final delay in a substitute flight was greater than 3 hours.

Length of delay
Amount (CAD)
9+ hours
6-9 hours
3-6 hours

Tips for passengers

Passengers facing international travel delays may be entitled to compensation beyond the minimum. Submit claims in writing to the airline, but remember to initiate court action within 2 years.


Canada's Standards of Treatment


If the airline did not notify you of a flight disruption at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure time, they must provide you with certain standards of treatment, except when the disruption is outside their control. In this case, when a flight is cancelled or when a flight delay reaches two hours, the airline must provide:

  • food and drink in reasonable quantities; and

  • access to means of communication (e.g., free Wi-Fi).

If you are expected to wait overnight for your new flight, the airline must:

  • offer hotel or comparable accommodation free of charge; and

  • provide free transportation to and from the accommodation.

Which flights are covered?

According to the EU261 2004, you can claim anytime your flight departs from the European Union & UK or when the flight is operated by European air carriers, regardless of the origin of the departure airport. 

For example, in the event of a flight delayed from British Airways flight from Toronto to London, you have the right to compensation according to the EU (EC)261 Regulation. 

In the case of the Canadian APPR Regulation, all flights that land or take off in Canada (domestic or international) are covered by the APPR. 

Flights Covered with European & UK EC261 Rule:

EU & UK Airline
Non EU & UK Airline
Outside the EU
Within the EU

Flights Covered with Canada's APPR Rule:

Canadian Airline
Non Canadian Airline
Outside Canada
Within Canada

How can we help?

You can trust we will address the challenge you face when it comes to asserting your rights and receiving compensation.


Start for free and reward reflights on success, or explore our plans to get everything you need at once.

Claim with reflights

Streamlined claims

reflights handles all claim processes, ensuring a transparent and seamless experience for passengers.

Stress-free assistance

We take care of the claim on behalf of the passenger, removing the burden and hassle.

Resolution advocacy

In cases of denial without clear information, we escalate the claim to relevant aviation authorities like the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

Passenger empowerment

Our goal is to simplify the complex system, giving passengers the confidence to assert their rights.

Time-efficient approach

We prioritize efficiency to save passengers valuable time throughout the process.

Transparency and guidance
We provide clear information and guidance at every step, keeping passengers informed.


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