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Claim the way you want with reflights

Let one of our experts take care of everything in the claim process or claim by yourself. We have all the flight claim options you need. And with any way you claim, you'll get either compensation or at least a proper response from the airline or Transportation Agency.


Features & Pricing

How it Works


Find the right option.

As airlines regularly refuse to pay compensation, it is your right to expect them to prove their narrative. Avoid the time-consuming & stressful process of engaging with the airline to claim compensation.

Fast Compensation Claim
Claim by Yourself

$0 / per file

+30% per win fee

For common flight incidents. Make a flight compensation claim stress-less with our streamlined process.






Fast & Easy Claim

Optimized for success

Delays, cancellations & overbookings

Free international bank transfer

Compensations from $125CAD up to

$1000CAD per passenger. 

**Canada's, EU & UK Rules

+ reflights is only entitled to the win fee if the compensation is paid.

Flight Claim PRO
 Claim with an Expert 

$13.95 / per file+

+30% per win fee

For complex flight itineraries. Elevate your compensation claim with our PRO version. We'll push it harder to get your compensation.






All Fast Claim Features

Second look by the CTA*

Claim available for all airlines

Compensation will go directly into your bank account*

Engaged in communication with the


+ reflights is only entitled to the win fee if the compensation is paid.

Flight Claim PRO  Priority  
Claim with an Expert

$19.95 / per file+

30%              20% per win fee

Unlimited priority email support with a dedicated expert, just for you. Our success fee will be based on time-efficiency.







All Fast Claim Features

All Flight PRO Features

Assigned fight expert

Win fee based on time efficiency*

Up to 2 different booking references per claim**

+ reflights is only entitled to the win fee if the compensation is paid.

Get Started

  • Get your Boarding Pass ready, make sure that it includes your name, flight number & booking reference.

  • Authorize reflights to file your claim on your behalf.

  • Submit your flight claim.

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Get the most out of your flight incident.

We’re here for one simple reason: to get you back every cent that you’re owed as established by the APPR & EC261 Rules. 

Peace of Mind

Have one of our experts beside you from the moment you file your claim, helping you through the process.

Free Second Look

If the airline denies the claim we’ll sent it to the Transportation Agency to review the case. And we’ll do it for free.


If your incident falls outside the APPR & EC261 compensation rights, we'll still reach out the airline & try to get a voucher.

Family at Airport Gate
Claim safely, 100% online, without paperwork or hassle. Your data is protected.

Learn more about it in our Privacy Policy.

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