Claim fast to the airline

We want to empower passengers to solve their incidents, and why not, help them from wasting time in unfruitful negotiations with the airline, and the feeling of regret for not claiming better. 

Top Airlines with Most Delays:

Percentage of delayed flights from all flights.


7. Lufthansa with 27.09%

8. Turkish Airlines with 26.73%

5. easyJet Airline with 30.94%

4. British Airways with 33.24%

1. Air Canada with 46.61%

6. Air France with 28.8%

2. flydubai with 35.52%

3. Ryanair with 33.37%

10. Aeromexico with 17.56%

9. American Airlines with 17.59%

Data period from 10-06-22 to 10-07-2022

Know your flight rights:

Europe - CE261 Rule

Under this legislation, if your flight's eligible, an airline has to pay for flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding:

  • Flights of -1500kms: €250 EUR

    • ex: Madrid - Barcelona​

  • Between 1500 -3500kms: €250 EUR

    • ex: Oporto - Rome

    • Flights of +3500kms: €600 EUR​
    • ex: Toronto - London

Canada - APPR Rule

Under this rule, compensation exists for delays and cancellations in situations within the carrier’s control that are not required for safety. ​

Large carriers are subject to the following compensation:

  • Between 3 and 6 hrs: $400 CAD

  • Between 6 and 9 hrs: $700 CAD

  • 9 or more hours: $1,000 CAD

Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention is a treaty that created strict rules for how airlines handle claims for luggage delay, loss, or damage compensation.

The Montreal Convention sets the maximum liability during international travel at approximately $2,100 CAD.