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Claim a Missing Baggage

If your baggage is missing, remember that you are protected by the Montreal Convention. In addition to asking the airline what they are doing to get your baggage to you as soon as possible, you can file a compensation claim.

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European Commission

Montreal Convention

What's your Flight Incident?

Check your Flight Rights for the Delay, Cancellation, Missing Baggage or Overbooking you suffered.


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Missing Baggage

With the delay, loss, or damage of baggage, it is not always possible to replace everything with compensation and money cannot replace personal or sentimental belongings, however, you can still get part of the cost of replacing or repairing lost luggage and contents along with the bare essentials you need if your luggage is delayed. 

If your baggage is missing

Airlines need to provide to you a file reference number. Your baggage is considered lost after 21 days.

Rights when baggage is delayed or lost

If your baggage is lost or damaged while in the airline's control, the airline must compensate you up to $2300 to replace items that were lost or damaged. The airline does not have to compensate you if the damage resulted from the quality of your baggage. 


If your baggage is delayed, the airline must compensate you up to $2300 for items you may need until your baggage is returned to you. The airline does not have to compensate you if it took all reasonable measures to avoid the issue or if it was impossible for them to take these measures.

Filing a baggage claim

If your baggage has been lost, damaged or delayed, you must submit a claim to your airline in writing within:

  • 7 days after receiving damaged baggage;

  • 21 days after receiving your baggage that has been delayed; or

  • as soon as possible if your baggage has been delayed for 21 days or more (considered lost).

If you don't submit a claim within these time limits, the airline could deny your claim.

Compensations for Missing baggage

Before you enforce your rights and claim for any baggage issues, it is essential to gather all necessary documentation in order to ensure the most successful outcome. The more evidence you can provide, the more likely it is that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

Your rights

The airline must refund any fees you had to pay for baggage services if your baggage has been lost, damaged or delayed. These could include:

  • standard baggage fees;

  • fees for extra baggage; and/or

  • fees for oversized and/or overweight baggage.

In contrast to the EU & Canada's Passenger Rights Regulation, which precisely defines the compensation a passenger may expect to receive in the event of a flight irregularity, the Montreal Convention only states the maximum possible limit available for each passenger.

Baggage Problem
Deadline to claim
Within 7 days after baggage receipt
Within 2 years after flight arrival
Within 21 days after baggage arrival

Which flights are covered?

The Montreal Convention is an agreement that has worldwide validity and has been ratified by 136 states, including those in the European Union. For non-contracting states, the 1929 Warsaw Convention usually still applies.​

Transport between two places within the same country is not protected by the agreement, except for domestic flights within the EU & some countries like Canada.

Claim with reflights

Your information is secure

reflights is secure with the best encryption technology. We respect GDPR and don’t sell personal information.

Success fee fairness

We take on all of the risks associated with your claim and work on a "no win, no fee" basis.

Multiple regulations

We check & claim flight compensations for multiple regulations and passenger rights.

Flight Incident Expertise

Airlines regularly deny compensation arguing that the incident fell outside their control. If you initially received this answer we can still win compensation.

Claim Transparency

We feel great responsibility for the trust you put in us. For transparency, we'll send you the airline's claim reference as soon as possible.

Trusted by many passengers

reflights has earned 4.7 stars in TrustScore and is also top-noticed by Expansion, TecReview, and RTVE among others.

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