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 Here to answer your questions that could help you guide your way to claim your air passenger rights with reflights. 


about us

What is reflights?

Reflights specializes in helping air passengers with their flight compensation claims. Our team of experts handles the entire claim process on behalf of clients, ensuring their rights are protected and claims are effectively pursued. 

We offer a streamlined approach, handling all communication with airlines to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Why use reflights?

Airlines have gained a reputation for making it challenging for individuals to claim the compensation they rightfully deserve. Exploiting the lack of legal knowledge or awareness of passengers, they often gain an unfair advantage in such situations.

Use reflights if you want to spend your time in stuff that adds value to your life, instead of dealing with the airline for your traveller rights.

Is reflights right for me?

Reflights is the perfect solution for air passengers that experienced a flight delay of more than 3 hours, a flight cancellation with a notice of fewer than 14 days, in case of denied boarding and baggage delays, or if there's doubt regarding the airline's response.


Reflights is just right for me if:

  • I'm a regular business traveller

  • I'm a casual traveller

  • I experienced a flight cancellation/delay/denied boarding

  • The airline does not solve my inquiries

  • Have an airline credit/voucher but I want money

  • Have doubts regarding my past flight

  • Experienced an overbooked flight

  • The airline denied my boarding

our service

How do we get you compensation?

Check Flight Eligibility

With our knowledge & expertise we assess your probability for compensation rights according to EU/UK & Canadian Rules.

Check my Flight

Claim, Always..

We always strive to ensure
airlines take some responsibility for the experience you received as a passenger no matter the applicable Rule or cause.

Learn what makes us different

Get Compensated

reflights has helped passengers receive thousands of dollars in compensations ranging from vouchers, refunds & compensations.

Know our prices

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