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 Here to answer your questions that could help you guide your way to claim your air passenger rights. 


about us

About reflights

What is reflights?

Reflights is a flight claim specialized company acclaimed by prestigious media outlets on two different continents that solves air passenger issues with airlines around the world.

Why use reflights?

Use reflights if you want to spend your time in stuff that adds value to your life, instead of fighting with the airline for your traveler rights.

Dealing with airline policies and legal regulations can be stressful. You can use our flight claim services to better understand your situation, decide the better strategy to follow, and let us do the dirty work for you while you sit back and relax.

Are you a regular business traveler? Maybe a casual traveler on its annual vacation? 

Reflights is the perfect solution for air passengers that experienced a flight delay of more than 3 hours, a flight cancelation with a notice of less than 14 days, in case of denied boarding and baggage delays, or if there's doubt regarding the airline's response.


Reflights is just right for you if:

  • You are a regular business traveler

  • You are a casual traveler

  • You experienced a flight cancellation/delay/denied boarding

  • The airline does not solve your doubts

  • Have airline credit/voucher but you want money

  • Have doubts regarding your past or upcoming flight

  • Suffered an incident with your baggage

  • Experienced an overbooked flight

  • The airline denied your boarding

our service

Reasons to Believe in Us

Our passion

We do what we do to be an entity that transforms rights, improve transparency and show empathy for passengers around the world.

Our solution

Reflights is a flight claim startup from Mexico. We engage with the airline in each claim in representation of the passenger to fight for their compensation rights.

Our drive

Reflights was born due to poor customer service and a lack of proper solutions when incidents happen.

Air Passenger Rights:

 Try now.  Check your flight.

no gain-no fee   ·   stress-less   ·   100% online

Europe - CE261 Rule

Under this legislation, if your flight's eligible, an airline has to pay for flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding:

  • Flights of -1500kms: €250 EUR

    • ex: Madrid - Barcelona​

  • Between 1500 -3500kms: €400 EUR

    • ex: Oporto - Rome

    • Flights of +3500kms: €600 EUR​
    • ex: Toronto - London

Canada - APPR Rule

Under this rule, compensation exists for delays and cancellations in situations within the carrier’s control that are not required for safety. ​

Large carriers are subject to the following compensation:

  • Between 3 and 6 hrs: $400 CAD

  • Between 6 hrs and 9 hrs: $700 CAD

  • 9 or more hours: $1,000 CAD

Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention is a treaty that created strict rules for how airlines handle claims for luggage delay, loss, or damage compensation.

The Montreal Convention sets the maximum liability during international travel at approximately $2,100 CAD.

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