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Turn your         flight incident 
into compensation



To all passengers affected by a flight incident, you may receive up to                                     from the airline.

$1000 CAD

Claim what's rightfully yours. We're not a travel insurance.

  stress-free              time-saving             effective 

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Claim your Air Passenger Rights

EC261 Flight Compensation Rights

European Commission

APPR Compensation
CTA APPR Guidelines

Canada's APPR Guidelines

Ensure your air passenger rights are upheld  
Whether you've encountered issues on flights to or from Canada, within the EU, the UK, or on any airline departing from the EU, we specialize in securing your financial compensation without the hassle of a dispute with the airline.

We champion your air passenger rights.

Hassle-free, fast & effective

With a streamlined filing to claim your compensation from the airline. Start for free and reward reflights on success.

Time: 3 min. approx.


We take care of everything

And receive more compensation on itineraries with multiple passengers.

Get enhanced flight claim service

For improved chance of success for complex cases and more advocacy on your behalf.

Time: 5-6 min. approx.


Trusted by many passengers

reflights has earned 4.7 stars in TrustScore and is also top-noticed by Entrepreneur, Made in CA, and RTVE among others.

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How do we get your entitled compensation?

We Assess Your Eligibility

Use reflights to check your entitled amount for compensation rights according to EU/UK & Canadian Rules.

Check My Flight

Our Push, Your Rights

We always strive to make the
airlines take some responsibility for the experience you received as a passenger no matter the cause.

Learn what makes us different

Get you compensated

reflights has a track record of securing thousands of dollars ranging from vouchers to monetary compensations.

Know our services

Not sure where to start?

We'll guide you to the best claim option based on your unique situation.

Flight delay

Flight Delay

3 out of 10 air passengers suffer a flight incident, and half of those are the airline's fault. Depending on the Regulation and the cause of the flight delay passengers may be entitled to receive compensation from $125 CAD up to $1000 CAD. 

Learn more about flight delays   👈

Flight Cancellation

Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations continue to plague air travellers with thousands being stranded at airports. In many cases, if an airline informs the passengers 14 days or less before their original departure date, they will have to compensate. 

Learn more about cancellations  👈

Lost Baggage

Lost Baggage

According to flight experts, airlines are scheduling more flights than they have staff or planes to provide causing disruption for many passengers that have to wait for hours or even days before receiving their baggage.

Learn about baggage rights   👈


Why choose reflights.

Claim with reflights

Claim without reflights

😌    Easy & effective

Have one of our experts advocate on your behalf, helping you through the process in a stress-free & secure process for you and your travel companions.

🕵️    Flight Incident Experts

If your incident falls outside the APPR & EC261 compensation rights, we can still reach out to the airline & try to get you compensation.

👨‍✈️    Claim Transparency

If the airline denies the claim we’ll send it to the Transportation Agency to review the case.

🌳  Social Impact

Reflights will contribute 5% of your purchase to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Learn more.

 🏆    No win, no success fee

If we don't win there's no success fee, and we charge a minimum service price for enhanced services.

Navigating a successful claim on your own can be challenging without adequately knowing what to claim and how to do it right.  This is especially true as airlines are known to offer insufficient, brief, or ambiguous explanations for their delays or cancellations, which may result in a lower chance of succeeding in your claim.


You'll have to deal with the airline, which can be complex and stressful sometimes.


Claiming is time-consuming, it can take months of several calls and emails to get compensated.

Unresponsive airlines

Airlines can take a long time to respond leaving you without any notification on the status of your claim.

reflights in numbers

reflights in Numbers

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reflights Privacy Policy

Claim without paperwork or hassle. Your data is protected.

Learn more about it in our Privacy Policy.

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reflights social impact

Social impact is part of our mission and our business model. Reflights will contribute 5% of your purchase to remove COfrom the atmosphere. Learn more.

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