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And receive €250, €400 or €600 per passenger

Transform your flight                      into money


What's the reflights compensation service?

With reflights, we take care of all procedures, communication, and paperwork needed by the airline so that you can receive at least €250 EUR per passenger under the CE261.

With a reflights compensation, you'll receive extra money in addition to the refund, substitute flight, or accommodation that you got at the moment of the incident. 


 reflights, reclaim your flights 

Our service is delivered by flight claim specialists and user experience experts providing a simple, yet effective solution for your reclaims. 


One claim, multiple passengers

Reflights provides a one-claim-for-all solution, this means that if you travel with your friends or family, only one needs to start the claim and the rest only need to accept it.

Smart form, fast checkout

We're proud to be creators of a smart claim engine capable of identifying your incident, the airline's requirements, and a way to make it easier for you to start reclaiming.


Free CE261 flight assessment

We'll send you a free flight assessment in a pdf file if you prefer to reclaim it on your own. We want you to choose what's best for you without any commitment.